Podcasts are changing the world.

They’re building communities, extending empathy, bringing laughter, and making the dishes just way more pleasant to wash. We (the people who started PodCon) are fascinated by all of this, and we love this art form.

In 2017, we gathered fans, creators, and industry in one place to celebrate podcasts. Whether it’s news, interview, scripted, comedy, advice, true crime, gaming, fiction, or nonfiction storytelling, it’s new, it’s exciting, and we love it. The first PodCon was amazing. Now, January 19th and 20th, 2019, we are doing it again.

PodCon features live podcasts, panel discussions, workshops, connections, networking opportunities, mashups, and meet and greets. It's an event designed for creators, fans, and industry, and every session is open to all attendees. 

The People:

Hank Green, Co-Founder

Joseph Fink, Co-Founder

Jeffrey Cranor, Co-Founder

Travis McElroy, Co-Founder

Justin McElroy, Co-Founder

Monica Gasper, Director